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KNIGHT KNIGHT as everyone affectionately calls him is an 11yr old who loves basketball and video games, one day his dad heard him singing and rapping driving to an Aau tournament. That’s when the lightbulb went off and he asked KNIGHT if he’d like to make a couple of songs for fun and release them to put on nba 2k. KNIGHT responded empathetically yes dad, so once they started his dad realized how good he was and decided to use his connections to make this a great memory but also show what’s possible for him even at this young of an age.

They recorded 20 songs selected 17 for the final product and will release 3 songs every 1st of the month, with 3 lead-off hit singles GAME TIME, IM A BALLER both songs have already been picked up by the NBA and ESPN for play in arenas by Dj’s along with halftime and timeout music during games and telecasts.
Last but not least the 3rd single YBF stands for young blessed and fresh, these songs are destined to be played forever in the arena by Dj’s, marching bands, and players getting warmed up for games this is literally MUSIC2BALL2! Son and father have crafted something magical together, but let’s give a quick glance at who helped build this sonically.
Dad enlisted some heavy hitters!!!
Production 2x Grammy-nominated producer Tone Jonez (Wale,Lecrae,TSU Marching band) , mixed and recorded in Los Angeles by Mixedbyjeremiah ( Nipsey Hussle,j stone,All money in,LilTJay,Omeretta the great,kid Bu,Famous Dex,Migos,YNW Melly. Mastered by legendary 4x Grammy nominated producer Young Yonni (Chris Brown,Dani Leigh,Trina,Mya,Mario,Tank)